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Prefabricated, Insulated Exterior Wall Panels

from Bouma Prefab

Add Speed.

Greatly reduce the time of building envelope installation
  • Fast-Track, Systemized Panel Manufacturing
  • Efficiencies Compress the Construction Schedule
  • Indoor Production Means No Weather Delays
  • Site Prep and Panel Construction Can Occur Simultaneously
  • Reduced Multi-Trade Vendor Coordination
  • Faster Installation Due to Prefab Panelization

Add Value.

Reduce the cost of your project
  • Lightweight Panels Lower Structural Requirements
  • Smaller Footings / Foundations
  • Reduced Jobsite Labor & Crew Sizes
  • No Jobsite Scaffolding Required
  • Decreased Volume of Project Concrete
  • Reduced Drywall Furring, Boxing and Strapping

Add Quality.

Temperature-controlled factories and exacting specs
  • ISO-Engineered Components
  • Q/A Programs Ensure Quality-Controlled Workmanship
  • Strict Adherence to Manufacturers’ Temp/Humidity Guidelines
  • Extensive Architectural and Finish Options
  • Superior Fire, Acoustical and Thermal Performance
  • Superior Long Term Durability
  • Industry-Leading Warranty

Prefabricated Panels Means Savings


The logical evolution of the best performing products engineered into a comprehensive prefabrication solution. StoPanel delivers what stand-alone components cannot: higher quality and dependability fortified by third-party testing and code compliance.

Our systematized approach to panelized construction offers many benefits over traditional precast panels. StoPanels are lightweight, energy efficient, durable and require only a fraction of the typical installation time.

We are a proud member of the StoPanel network of affiliates and adhere strictly to their standards for quality and workmanship.

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